Welcome to Rose Bank Edu-Care High School

We, welcome the flowering buds at Rose Bank Edu-Care High School. We firmly believe that ours is not just a school in ordinary sense as our motive is to bring a revolution in the field of education providing space and inspiration for social service. Our concept does not exhaust in providing our students bookish knowledge and ideas as we realize that the meaning or objective of education is incomplete until it gets into the habit of the students. Our target is to make everyone know and realize the facts of human life where they would work as the important components of the human society.

Here, we take a challenge to treat a child with disabilities of any kind with the normal children. We have firm faith in the fact that ‘Every child is special’ and we try to explore that speciality in each of our students. Our experience, so far, has been very encouraging and that experience has brought the confidence in our mission to bring revolution in the society with our thoughts and ideology.


Rose bank Edu-Care High school wishes to have all round development in the students of the school. To look after the students in a better way, we have taken lessons as provided by the Eastern and Western thinkers and saints.
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The school has earned reputation in curricular & co-curricular spheres equally. Our students’ success in the I.C.S.E. Examinations for last few years has been dazzling.
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With a view to serving the students and their parents/ guardians, we provide the following facilities to them.
Day care: In this special service, we keep the students in the school itself for a specific period of time. This arrangement is done to help the working parents to some extent. To avail of this facility, you are suggested to contact the office within the school timings.
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