Having a firm faith in famous English proverb "End Of Education is character", Rose Bank Edu-care High School was established in the year 1994 under the patronage of Bagala Sundari Memorial Trust. In its journey of fifteen years so far, the school has dedicated itself to develop all round growth of the students in achieving ideal character and nature of a perfect human being. Here, we do not restrict ourselves to offer classroom studies only, but we try to generate basic characteristics like patriotism, sympathy, humanitarian attitude towards life etc. which, we believe are the fundamental constituents of a perfect and responsible citizen of the world. Rose Bank Edu-Care High School is located in the serene and picturesque surroundings of 271, Bosunagar, Madhyamgram. The school has a wonderful atmosphere which is entirely free from all sorts of din and bustle. Based on the inspiring presence and participation of great men like Swami Lokeswarananda Maharaj, Dr. Gopal Bandyopadhyay, Former controller of examination of Calcutta University and Alvin Kalicharan, an internationally famous cricketer, the school is marching ahead not just as an educational institute like many others, but it has become a social mission where we are trying to make everyone perfect in every manner. The school has been marching not only towards academic excellence but also in growing moral and human values in the heart of the students of the school. It has created massive impression in the heart of the school children as well as their parents/ guardians. It is a special kind of school where we take care of each and every child quite promising and all set for bright prospect as we do feel every child is something unique and special in his/her character and we just try to thrash out extra-ordinary potential in them and nourish them. As far as communication is concerned, the school has direct and convenient connection with roadways and railways. The school imparts best education to all its students including games and sports. Our students have achieved envy-rousing success in the inter-school competitions. The school is showing every student the way to make them perfect in every possible field.

The school is affiliated to the Council for I.C.S.E., New Delhi This is the best and the most dynamic educational council/ board.

Our aim

Unlike other contemporary schools, Rose Bank Edu-Care High School does not target at the educational development only. It has a bigger and more valuable target as its aim. It tries to develop the natural instinct of every child towards the ideology that has root in the great Indian tradition. It also focuses on other developments that are also important for the all-round growth of children. We build character in terms of our education methodology

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